Hotel New Takahashi Kouyadai


Kouyadai is located in the southwest of the Tsukuba city. There is a laboratory concerning agriculture, forestry and fisheries near the hotel. There are many use of the foreigners because JICA is near.
Kouyadai Gest room / Charge
It is a bed that is wider than usually. The room of no smoking can be set to the 3rd floor, and the Internet be connected by wireless LAN by 1st and the 2nd floor.
With bath room.

@4800yen including tax.

The refrigerator is furnished in the room. The extra bed can be added in some rooms.
With bath room.
Extra bed charge :3000yen
It is a charge of per person.

Use by 2 person@4300yen including tax.

Capacity of 5 person.@with bath room.
Using it in interested group or family in the Japanese-style room might be good.
It is a charge of per person.
Alone use@5000yen@including tax.
Use by 2 person@4300yen@including tax.
Use by 3 person@4000yen@including tax.
Use by 4 person@4000yen@including tax.
Use by 5 person@3700yen@including tax.

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