Hotel New Takahashi Takezono


Hotel New Takahashi Takezono is located in the heartland of Tsukuba science city. It is about 5 minutes by walking to the international congress center from the hotel. It is about 3 minutes in the car to the bus terminal at Tsukuba center from the hotel.
Takezono Map
From Narita Airport
From Narita Airport to Tsukuba Center & Tsuchiura Station, do not need to reserve a seat. You can buy ticket at the Keisei Counter.
< 1st floor in the Arrival Lobby / adult 2540 yen / Child \1270 >
Please come by the taxi from the Tsukuba center up to a hotel. < About 3 minutes >
Bus schedule
Going to Narita
You must buy the ticket 3 days befor you plan to take the bus at Kantoutetudou Gakuen service center Office. .All seats are reserved.
However, it is likely to be able to get on if there is seats on that day.
**** Telephone reservation&Ticket purchase ****
Kantoutetudou Gakuen service center Office
TEL +81-29-852-5666 < 8:30am - 19:00pm >
FAX +81-29-852-5680
1:For Tsukuba-san (Mt Tsukuba)
4:For Hitachino-Ushiku St,Arakawaoki St,Ushiku St,
5:For Tsuchiura St,
6:For Tskubadai-Chuo
7:For Tokyo Staton, < High way bus >
8:For Haneda AP,Narita AP,Mito St,Kyoto & Osaka, < High way bus >
From Haneda Airport
The bus for the Tsukuba center has started from Haneda < Tokyo International Airport >. It is 1 minute on foot when getting off bus stop "takezono 2 chome".
/adult 1800 yen
Bus schedule
From Tokyo Station
There is a route in the bus or the train from Tokyo Station to Tsukuba.
By bus
Highway bus for the Tsukuba center has started from Tokyo station Yaesu south exit.
It gets off by bus stop "Takezono 2 chome" and one minute on foot form there.
Bus schedule >>Click
By train
Tokyo - Akihabara - Tsukuba
It transfers at Akihabara Station getting on Yamanote line from Tokyo Station. It will arrive at the Tsukuba station in 45 minutes after it gets on the Tsukuba Express from Akihabara Station. There is a Tsukuba station under the soil. When it reaches the ground, the bus terminal is seen. Please come from the station to the hotel by 1 km by bus or taxi.

Tsukuba Express time schedule >>Click
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