Hotel New Takahashi Takezono&Kouyadai

Tsukuba cience city
Hotel New Takahashi

The City of Tsukuba is about 50 km northeast of Tokyo and 40 km northwest of Narita Airport.
Takezono is in the heartland of the Tsukuba city. There is Kouyadai that is near JICA and research institute of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
Tsukuba Science City
Tsukuba center
Hotel New Takahashi Takezono
Hotel New Takahashi Takezono is located in the heartland of Tsukuba science city. It is about 5 minutes by walking to the international congress center from the hotel. It is about 3 minutes in the car to the bus terminal at Tsukuba center from the hotel.
Single 34room, Twin 7room, Japanese-style 10room

Address 2-10-3, TAKEZONO, TSUKUBA, IBARAKI 305-0032, JAPAN
TEL +81-29-851-2255   FAX +81-29-852-1999
Hotle New Takahashi Kouyadai
Kouyadai is located in the southwest of the Tsukuba city. There is a laboratory concerning agriculture, forestry and fisheries near the hotel. There are many use of the foreigners because JICA is near.
Single 40room, Twin 9room, Japanese-style 8room

Address 3-18-5, KOUYADAI, TSUKUBA, IBARAKI 305-0074 JAPAN
TEL +81-29-836-1110   FAX +81-29-837-1999
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