Hotel New Takahashi Takezono&Kouyadai

Tsukuba cience city
Hotel New Takahashi

The City of Tsukuba is about 50 km northeast of Tokyo and 40 km northwest of Narita Airport.
Takezono is in the heartland of the Tsukuba city. There is Kouyadai to be near JICA and research institute of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
International phone calls
When you do international phone calls at the hotel
The telephone in the room cannot call foreign countries. However, at our hotel the prepaid card is sold. That card is available from all public telephones.1000yen
KDDI Super World Card >>site

Other communications
In the lobby at the hotel, there is a computer that you can freely use. Please devise it as the communication by E-mail etc.

Prepaid card of NTT
In Tsukuba city the place where it can utilize the card of the NTT is limited.
The vicinity of Takezono:In International congress center
The vicinity of Kouyadai:In JICA

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