Hotel New Takahashi Takezono&Kouyadai

Tsukuba cience city
Hotel New Takahashi

The City of Tsukuba is about 50 km northeast of Tokyo and 40 km northwest of Narita Airport.
Takezono is in the heartland of the Tsukuba city. There is Kouyadai to be near JICA and research institute of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
transformer and plug
When you use overseas electrical appliances in Japan
There is no transformer and corresponding plug in the hotel,and you must prepare it if it is necessary.
The step-up transformer to increase the voltage might be necessary for the electrical appliances that you have because Japan is 100V power supply.
There is a difference in the power supply frequency in Kansai (60Hz) and Kanto (50Hz) in Japan.
Tsukuba city is in Kanto.
Moreover, because the plug shape of Japan is different from foreign countries, we want you to examine it by yourself.
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